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How and why to use text snippets on social networks

How and why to use text snippets on social networks

Snippets are all the stored words, sentences or sometimes even paragraphs of the text you often use on a social network, email or other websites. They are also often connected with a shortcut on a keyboard. When it comes to social networks and if you own a page with many followers, it is not easy to manage it and answer all the questions in timely matter, especially if you have to answer the same question several times. This is where snippets come in handy, and they have several other benefits for social media use.

First of all, let us see how to work with text snippets. They provide you with connecting the longer bits of the text with short keywords, so you do not have to type the whole phrase each time. You need to insert them into your text expander app and then paste the expanded text into the social media interface.

Snippets in social media can be quite useful for saving time and managing the social networks more easily. Even though people expect a real person to address them rather than the automatic reply, it can still be useful to let the users know you will answer them as soon as you are available, to greet them or represent your product or services once people start following you. Here are some of the examples of using snippets in social media:

Greetings – when you address the user, it is polite to start a message by a greeting. Instead of typing the sentence each time, you can create several snippets for several different greeting phrases to start your messages with.

“Busy” message – when the user posts a comment or sends you a message on your social network page, it is polite not to leave him waiting and respond as soon as possible. This is achieved by using text snippets for greetings, and it is recommended to make them personal and warm, yet still professional. This will make the customers feel respected and present you as a professional, and you will easily answer the additional questions or request personally when you are able.

Presenting the product or service – when the users like your page or start following you, you can use text snippets to welcome them to your page and present your business. You can create a short text presenting your company, area of business and the information such as address and contact, and this message can be set to every new user on the page.
Answers to common questions – there are plenty of questions more than one person asks, such as about the opening hours, address of your company, the warranties, the benefits of the products and the like. You can create premade replies to these common questions by using text snippets with recognizable keywords, and use them each time you get a repeated question instead of typing the reply each time.

Closing message or “thank you” message – when ending your message, you should also use a phrase that will have a professional and friendly look. Just like snippets for greeting messages, you can also create some for the closing or “thank you” messages.

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