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Advantages and disadvantages of storing files online

Advantages and disadvantages of storing files online

In the age of the Internet, there is almost no activity which cannot be performed online. It is very common for both individuals and companies to store files online, whether for the sake of sharing them with others, or simply to have them as backup if anything happens to their hard drive. There are plenty of websites offering cloud storage space, and they come with a variety of space provided, different terms of use and they can be free or paid monthly or annually.

Also, many cloud storage spaces come with the option of uploading all the created content automatically, or you can choose to do it manually when you have the need for that. No matter which cloud storage you use and how you prefer to use it, there are some good and some bad sides of such file storing and sharing.

On the plus side, storing the files in a cloud storage space provides you with backup of files without you having to make it on the hard disk or any type of hardware memory unit. This makes storing very convenient and saves you from using up space on other devices. What is more, it provides you with the security in case anything to the computer’s system, because you will keep all your important data from being lost. Then, it is very easy to use, and all the files you store are easy to access. You can connect to the online storage space from any computer or mobile device whenever and wherever you need a certain file, and you do not depend on the physical location of the file’s storage space. Another advantage is that most cloud storage systems offer a certain amount of space free of charge. If you use online storage for one-time sharing, you can use the space provided without paying for the additional space, because you can delete the files after the other party has downloaded them. If you need more storage space, there is always an option of buying it, and it is usually quite inexpensive.

Although there are many advantages of cloud storing, there are some negative aspects as well. Firstly, although trusted online cloud storage websites are generally safe, there is always a certain amount of insecurity involved, because you store the files on remote servers. This means that it can still happen that the files get lost, or that your privacy and the privacy of the files gets endangered. This is why you should avoid sharing and storing secret and confident files online. Then, if the files you create are automatically stored online (for instance, you connect the camera on your phone with the online storage space), you may lose control over the files and end up with a bunch of material you would otherwise delete. This takes up lots of precious online space, and you need to remove the unwanted files manually, which can be time consuming. Another disadvantage is the limited storing space that we mentioned above, so if you store and share large files, you will have to pay for additional storage space or use multiple cloud services.

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